Movies and Books

3 for 1 Trade Ins:  We accept trade-ins on books and movies.  You can trade in 3 items for 1 item off the shelf.  All trade-ins are like for like in the following categories:  Paperback books, Hardback books, DVDs, VHS, and Audiobooks.  Trade-in books should be in reasonably good condition with no missing or torn pages or covers.  Trade-in DVDs should be somewhat free of scratches.  VHS movies should be in operable condition and include original cover.  Audiobook tapes should be in operable condition and audiobook cds should be somewhat free of scratches.  All audiobook trade-ins should include original cover.
If you have movies or books to trade-in but are unable to find something to trade-out we offer the option of holding a credit in store or providing free item cards.  These cards can be used at a later date by anyone.  They are often given to friends, colleagues, or relatives as gifts.

DVD = $3 for 1 or $2.50 when purchasing 4 or more.
Hard Cover Books = $2 each
VHS Movies = $0.25 each
Paperback Books = $0.25 each

We offer a wide variety of books and movies that change often.  The pictures above are only a few examples of what's available in the store.